Customer Racing

Sports car Racing is our passion. With years of experience in professional motorsport, we take great pride in running competitive customer racing effort. Our team offers racers comprehensive programs to get on many of the best tracks and race series North America has to offer.

From engineering to hospitality, DXDT Racing provides customer racers a competitive package to contend for race wins and growth as athletes, together thriving in continuous development. DXDT Racing is a top-tier customer racing program, providing comprehensive essential services, allowing drivers to fully focus on getting the most out of their on-track performance. Our services include:

  • Logistics: From booking hotels to managing our fleet of transporters and race cars, our staff oversees all the necessary behind-the-scenes logistics that make a program successful.
  • Car Preparation: Each of our race cars has a dedicated crew to implement all set up and servicing. From electronics to suspension, we use only the best for our drivers, and oversee every detail to ensure safety and success.
  • Engineering: With decades of experience in professional race car series round the world, our engineering staff is second to none. Well versed in the mechanics of our race cars, as well as the regulations of the series, our engineers work closely with our drivers exactly what they need to perform on track.
  • Driver Development: Having a strong race car is only one part of the equation for success. Not only do we want to give our drivers the best equipment, we want to give them everything they need outside the race car. Through on-board cameras, detailed data, experienced engineers, and driver coaches, we’re with our drivers every step of the way to find those extra tenths to get the best out of each performance.
  • Media Program: Racing isn’t just about fast cars, it’s about the people. At DXDT, we continuously work to build and nurture our relationships with race fans and media, creating a bridge for them to support our drivers and partners, fostering long-term bonds. Through fan mail, giveaways, garage tours, autograph sessions, press releases, media notes, event activation, social media and more, our public relations team provides all the content you need to keep your current fans informed and to make new ones.
  • Sponsor activation: We know sponsors are important to every race program, so at DXDT, we help our drivers provide an unforgettable experience on and off the race track.  From hospitality to marketing, we work with you to meet your personal goals to ensure your sponsors have a rewarding experience they’ll never forget.

To learn more about our customer racing program opportunities, please contact us.