USALCO is the premier manufacturer of Aluminum based chemicals for industrial and municipal markets.  USALCO® is the leader in potable as well as industrial water and wastewater treatment chemistry. We are well-known for high quality and low cost alumina chemical applications, such as products for the manufacture of catalysts, titanium dioxide and molecular sieves. With over 60 years of experience in manufacturing coagulants, USALCO’s extensive product line includes our industry leading brands DelPAC®, AlcoPAC®, and Delta-Floc®. USALCO has 27 manufacturing locations, as well as its own dedicated fleet of trucks, ready to service needs anywhere in North America.


Qelo is a seasoned land development firm, founded and managed by experienced partners who hold over 50 years combined experience in real estate investment and capital management. The firm’s varied projects range from land development, vertical construction, and land banking. Qelo focuses on a portfolio of diversified projects throughout the ever-expanding Utah market and across the Intermountain West – this focus allows the firm to strategically select high-quality short-term and long-term projects to take advantage of a rapidly expanding economy within the region.
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