Born in the Mountains®. KÜHL is a product driven clothing company with a passion for the outdoor experience. The KÜHL icon celebrates the Mountain Culture.
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FENEX is a seasoned land development firm, founded and managed by experienced partners who hold over 50 years of combined experience in real estate investment and capital management. The firm’s varied projects range from land development, vertical construction, and land banking. FENEX focuses on a portfolio of diversified projects throughout the ever-expanding Utah market and across the Intermountain West – this focus allows the firm to strategically select high-quality short-term and long-term projects to take advantage of a rapidly expanding economy within the region.

ABOUT thu brule

Thu Brule is dedicated to providing distinguishable and quality crafted products that promote a passion for healthy living and well-aging.

As a paragon of healthy living, Thu made it her mission to craft formulas that transcend skincare to become a journey of self-care and indulgence. By seamlessly blending nature and science, each Thu Brulé skincare product is a true marvel – a testament to meticulously composed ingredients that elevate your skincare experience and yield stunning results.

Each product mirrors Thu’s dedication to a lifestyle of radiance and vitality across life’s diverse stages. She created the line as an invitation to fall in love with your skin as you embrace the joy of self-care.

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